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Predator Dynamic Midge Trap


The Predator Dynamic is probably the most powerful midge trap currently available in the UK. It has been developed to attract female midges from a large area up to 5000m2, and will ensure their colonies in this area will be significantly reduced and, in many cases, be extinguished altogether.

It's unique in the way it mimics a real person to attract midges and (remember females are the only ones that bite). It does this by releasing a continuous stream of C02 and moisture (breath), heat (body temperature), blinking LED light (movement) and scientifically proven rapid action repellents (perspiration).

The Predator Dynamic is ideal for both domestic use as well as commercial premises e.g. hotels, pubs and golf courses.


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The biting midge really punches above its weight. Anyone who has visited, lived in, or worked in a midge-infested area realises just what a menace midges can be.

Because it is found in such dense populations, it is estimated that in some parts of Scotland, a single hectare of land can host up to 50 million midges. That is a similar number to the total human population of the whole UK.

Midges can disrupt work and damage the tourism industry. They cost the Scottish economy millions. For example research conducted by scientists at The University of Edinburgh found that 62% of tourists visiting Scotland for the first time, during the middle of summer, would be reluctant to return because of midges and 86% would warn their family and friends about Scotland’s midge problem.

However, you can fight back with the Calor Choice Midgeater Plus by Texol.

Researched and developed in Scotland by Calor and Texol with scientific advice from some of the world’s leading midge experts, the Midgeater is the first device of its kind to be developed specifically to address the midge problem.

Fuelled entirely by Patio Gas, the Midgeater Plus uses a catalytic process to generate a plume of carbon dioxide which is passed over scented bait before being emitted by the machine.

Biting midges can detect carbon dioxide, which is found in exhaled breath, from more than 100 metres. Midges are drawn to the Midgeater Plus by the carbon dioxide and once they arrive at the machine midges are then sucked into a bag. Each midge caught by the machine is one less to bite a human.

By installing a Midgeater Plus you are fighting back against the midge menace.


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